Toy Camera PasaPasa Foreword

Digital photography is freedom. Anyone can claim that he’s a photographer nowadays. With a mobile phone, students and housewives can craft stories and become a dreamer hoping to change the world. But it takes away the romanticism of analog photography where one needs to wait before becoming mesmerized by his shots or beautiful mistakes.

Carlo Baritua developing is own film

Film photography can be intimidating especially for those who don’t know how to shoot manually. So the toy camera comes to play in Pasa-Pasa 4. Participants will still be in touch with their romantic side because they can’t chimp. They still need to imagine and wait before they learn or progress in their film developing skills. 

Film developing session at Arimbay, Legazpi City

Holga and Diana are cult cameras and we can’t wait on what we can accumulate and build with our collection of photos. Just several weeks to go and we hope that you’re enthused like us as well. 


Camera Pasa-Pasa is about play. One particular camera will be passed. Passing one camera to the next shooter. Breaking rules while learning analog photography. It’s about plastic fantastic.

Arjie Banaag with an McDonald Action Sampler

This time, it’s two cameras, the Holga and Diana.

20 photographers, one portfolio.

So c’mon and let’s pass the camera on the left hand side.

Two Cameras. 20 Photographers. One portfolio.

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