To Photograph Alone

To photograph alone means I’m like a black stray cat on the streets. Can breeze through alleyways and highways and snapshot people without people noticing my dirty work. To be a shadow means to rob with diligence and that diligence is morally clearer today; as possible, I don’t want to photograph people who are having the worst day of their life for the sake of art or whatever aesthetic one is pushing or devoted to. Whenever I’m alone wandering the streets is also a meditation, I’ve become more familiar with my subjects and I’m getting to know myself better.
That’s why I’m not keen on adopting TPT or Tara Photowalk Tayo as a collective because I feel that it doesn’t fit my personality, especially that I’m really a loner. Yes, it’s easier to take portraits or shoot on ghettos when you’re with a group but people will be aware of your intention 10 meters away and there won’t be jazz moments to capture; people will look onto the lens or will throw a peace or a middle finger pose. I felt that TPT is a friendly group of hobbyists who are just taking fun portrait and street photography walks for the sake of camaraderie and not for the sake of introspection or for wanting to share their perspective of their world.
I really yearn for a badass Albay photography group. I long to be with storytellers who are sincere at their views of their world even if their perspective differs from mine. I always welcome discourses and I know I won’t be swayed because of my faith. I’m open-minded so I know how to argue and how to attack. I want to learn from crazy, wild, and sincere people. I’m cozier being the student though there’s a genuine to reach out to those who are in need.
But things do change and it’s amazement. I’ve welcomed TPT in my career not just because it’s the only one closest to my heart but because the group doesn’t have a lot of rules that constrain you. They don’t force meetings or there aren’t any bylaws where you’ll be reprimanded when not followed. The homey environment makes me feel responsible to share what I know to a younger generation of photographers, especially on our camera pasapasa group.
Camera Pasa Pasa
Film developing session in Arimbay, Legazpi City
I’ve recently bought a TPT shirt because I’ve finally embraced the group and its importance in the Albay photography scene. Now, I’m cozier to invite everyone to take a walk with me whatever camera they have at the moment. But of course, I will still prefer to take long morning walks or beating the sunlight from setting with an exposed roll on each pocket.
December 18, 2018

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