Canon Autoboy Mini T

I just sold my Canon Autoboy SII because I’ve purchased another camera, which is the Canon Autoboy Mini T. It has a working timer, clean lens, and a handy zoom. It has a data back but doesn’t have a battery so can’t use the features but it really doesn’t matter. The camera gives a good grip and I can slide it onto my jeans’ pocket easily. 

Canon Autoboy Mini T

What I’ve intended to get is a Black Canon Autoboy SII for buy and sell because I needed extra money for films because I lost my permanent job. But the camera isn’t functioning when I got it so the seller lets me keep the dead weight camera and just send me a black Mini T. It’s also called Canon Sure Shot Tele Max in the States and Prima Twin S in Europe. 

It’s small and plasticky but it’s sleek. I actually love to look at it; seems like a girl with long black hair. The bifocal camera helps me photograph people and things closer, which compliments my aesthetic. 

Below are sample shots from Acros 100 developed in HC100 using Dilution H to save chemicals. I prefer Dilution B but it consumes more chems. I’ve shot C41s as well but they’re not developed yet as of this writing. These photos were taken during a film developing session by Camera PasaPasa at Arimbay, Legazpi City. These sessions are for free.

This $20 camera might be expensive for thrift store hunters but for the images I got for my preference, my heart’s content. Can’t wait to see my color negative scans a month from now. 

It’s actually a straightforward camera and it focuses quick so street shooters will love it. Just sad that I need to advertise it for sale for I just bought a Yashica T5 and I’m on my first test roll at the moment. 

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