Love Is Not Just A Foreword

Photography passes opinions, feelings, and romanticism, and photography’s emotional core is sentiments; I have captured something mesmerizing and I want you to see and feel it. I have something enigmatic and I want you to experience it.
Film Photography
Ed Uy helped fellows to develop their own roll
Pasa-Pasa is a film photography venture where each fellow uses a particular camera for a week before passing it to the next shooter. Under guidance, the photographers will develop their own roll.
For this project, we’ve bought an Alpenflex TLR at Lomomanila Marketplace for Php 4,500 where each participant contributed Php 500. The camera’s a prize via draw lots (Congrats Maria Beatrice Ogo)! A photography book is the final output where each shooter contributes 3 photos.
13 individuals have learned and revisited black and white film developing using kitchen brewed Rodinal with guidance from Randy Gonzales of Arimbay, Legazpi who’s a longtime member of Rangefinder Filipinas, a respected film photography community in the country. It’s actually a free workshop! Such seminars cost thousands in Manila. Some participants are seasoned 135 shooters and the medium format experience freshens the senses.
Camera Pasa-Pasa
Just 12 shots per roll so every image should be meaningful. Some have just burned one roll and some have just exposed two. Most fellows yearn to shoot more if only time allows. Time is a razorblade so the entrants should be super on their shooting week.
Albay Film Photographers
Randy Gonzales showing how to load film on an SLR
Through Pasa-Pasa, the fellows refined their artistry and character, for patience has rooted deeper in them; a virtue that we lost on many hours daily.
Our consciousness/environment is a cramped room to contemplate nowadays. Let’s be relentless on our endeavor in our craft. Analog photography cultivates sharper insights so whether it’s digital or film, the traditional photography orgasm will result to better work.
Medium Format
Inspecting the developed 120 film negative
It’s our third Pasa-Pasa photography book. More photobooks please! I desire that we continuously hand off the truth we experience within and without.

Words and Photos by Frederick Maurice S. Lim
Foreword from our Pasa-Pasa TLR Photobook which is entitled “Baptism”

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